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Chess Thinker is a collection of applications for playing chess with computers.

Thinker Chess Engine version 5.4C
  • Massive re-write of the parallel search code.
  • Re-wrote the king safety evaluation for the Passive version.
  • Corrected the issue with handling KBPKP endgames for the Passive version.
  • Corrected the issue with evaluating several endgame position for the Inert version.
BookThinker 2.4A
  • Corrected the problem that can cause bad (losing) book moves to be selected.
  • Allows for very deep opening sequence.
Pocket PC ThinkerBoard version 0.2.0028
  • Ported the changes from 5.4L version of the desktop engine.
  • Added the Danasah engine by Pedro Castro
  • Fixed the problem with the castling state of resumed games.
  • Corrected the problem with the rating display of on-line players.
TinySeal version 0.5
  • Improved the load time (should now load faster in Linux WINE).
Older Versions
  • TinySeal version 0.4
    • Improved efficiency (takes up less resource).
  • Thinker Chess Engine version 5.4A
    • Total re-write of the move-ordering code.
    • Fixed the issues with material evaluation during engame (for the 'Inert' version).
  • Pocket PC ThinkerBoard version 0.2.0027
    • Rewrite of the board validation code.
    • Fixed the problems with seek/sought window.
    • Ported the changes from 5.4A of the desktop engine.
  • Pocket PC ThinkerBoard version 0.2.0026
    • Settings for square displays.
    • Fixed the problem with non-queen promotions.
    • Fixed the incorrect evaluation of computer opponent.